Veterinary equipment for sale!

I retired a few years ago and am cleaning out my shop. I am going to sell four lots, the winning bid gets everything in the lot. You can call me at 952-412-3773 or email for more information. Email your offer or questions to:

It will be for sale until midnight Saturday, October 12. Please email your offer before midnight so it will be considered. Any reasonable bid will be accepted. If the bid is more than the shipping charge, I will pay for the shipping. Everything sold as is. I will only notify the person who has the winning bid (before October 14).

1. Surgical instruments (middle line quality)
2. Cowslips plus
3. Large animal equipment
4. Breeze 2 blood glucose test kit and vacutainers

The equipment is used but in good condition.

Lot 1
Surgical Instruments: Instruments are quite clean and not rusty (despite the appearance in the photos). The suture needles in the photo go with lot 3.

1. Approximately 4 towel clamps
2. Several rat tooth tissue forceps (pick ups)
3. Bandage scissors
4. 2 heavy duty scissors
5. Approximately 6 surgical scissors
6. Two iris scissors
7. 2 metzenbaum scissors
8. Several hemostats
9. Two combination scissors/needle holders (one unused, brand new; I think it is 6 inches long)
10. Spay hook
11. 10 + 12 guage IV needles –trocar heads (all need rehabilitating!)
12. Cervical (alligator?) forceps (12 inches long?)

Lot 2
Cowslips Plus

1. New, unopened box (10) of all left cowslips (includes powder and glue solvent)
2. Not in box, but unused: 15 right claw cowslips and 7 left claw cowslips; some solvent and glue included

Lot 3
Large Animal Equipment

1. Eighteen inch Burdizzo with knee crutch
2. Baby burdizzo
3. Equine twitch
4. Equine emasculotome
5. Tattooer
6. Ear notcher
7. Krey Eye hook
8. Bloat trocar
9. Ear tagger
10. Jorgenson OB handle, wire and guide
11. Almost full roll of OB wire (not in photo)
12. ½ ? inch tube dehorner, new
13. 3/4 ? inch tube dehorner
14. Dozens of L.A. suture needles

Lot 4

1. Approximately 100 vacutainer tubes, various types, see photo (outdated)
2. Breeze 2 blood glucose tester; I put a new battery in today and my blood glucose was 107!
3. 90 breeze 2 test strips (outdated) but still accurate