No more Christmas trees!

Hardwood firewood for sale!
Good, dry, split White Oak and Sugar Maple at $130 per face cord (a face cord is 1/3 of a full cord). I have lower quality fire pit wood at $65-$80 per face cord. Most of the wood is segregated by species and is stacked on a pallet. A face cord is a pallet stacke 5 ft X 4 ft X 3 ft tall.

I also have some large blocks of Oak (called "overnighters") which will hold the fire for a long time.

Delivery is available (does not include stacking) or you can pick it up two miles south of Waconia. If your truck or trailer is large enough I can load it with the Bobcat.

No more Christmas trees!
However, we do have landscape conifers for sale - Black Hill Spruce and Meyers Spruce (8 to 16 feet tall). Fall is the best time to transplant trees. I work with several tree movers who can move the trees for you.
Price range: $100-$135.

The Z's Trees Sawmill is now up and running and the drying kiln is almost ready.
I am milling lots of slabs of hardwoods for tabletops. It will take another year for these to dry before you can start your woodworking project! I also do customer log sawing. If you need wood for any project, come and see what I have available.

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